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ZAGENO is a digital marketplace designed for life sciences. It offers a simple, seamless and enjoyable end to end procurement experience for lab supplies. Complete real-time visibility into all your clients.

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Why Partner with ZAGENO?


Completely new and incremental channel for buyers to discover your products – with NO investment in sales and marketing.


Gain access to smaller companies who don’t have a procurement team and don’t have training in procurement.

Process Efficiency

Work smarter with a fully automated and integrated system. As a result of automation, save on processing costs.


Complete visibility, in real-time, into all sales and account receivables.

End-to-End Automation with ZAGENO Integration


Reach Thousands of NEW Customers

  • Fully automated order inflow
  • Simplified catalog and customer price updates
  • Automated invoice management
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Fully Automated Order Inflow

  • Orders transmitted into your systems directly without manual effort, using OCI or cXML standard
  • Order updates and status information to be transmitted automatically from your system to ZAGENO using the same standards
  • ZAGENO will handle customer queries and requests
  • Customer is unburdened from the overhead required to place orders, we pay you
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Automated Catalog & Price Updates

  • Initial product data exchange via hosted catalog files – ZAGENO implements a full product portfolio based on information provided
  • Continuous price (list price & customer price) and product availability updates via cXML/OCI/EDI
  • ZAGENO ensures that updated prices are immediately available to customers
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Simplified, Automated Invoice Management

  • Fully automated invoicing via cXML standard between ZAGENO and your ERP system
  • Simultaneous PDF invoicing to ensure your branding
  • Optional for customers: pay ZAGENO directly or pay suppliers as per status quo
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Get ALL Your Products in Front of Consumers

ZAGENO can make your less-popular life science products profitable by enabling you to sell them without any sales and marketing upfront investment.

With the added opportunity for scientists to discover your more popular SKUs as they start to develop a relationship with your brand.  


How to Partner with ZAGENO

ZAGENO is on a mission to accelerate scientific innovation by streamlining biotech purchasing processes with its award-winning, first-of-its-kind e-commerce platform.
ZAGENO makes online shopping for any research material convenient, efficient and reliable.
Available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, ZAGENO makes biotech purchases easier than ever and is an ideal sales channel for suppliers and partners.


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Why Companies Trust and Use ZAGENO

Finding even the simple things like freezers can be quite difficult when you are bulk ordering. ZAGENO made us able to diversify our portfolio a little bit if you will which has been instrumental in us actually getting things on site when we need them.
Testimonial author

Emily Perry

Senior Operations Manager

The situation was difficult. The amount of wrong data caused serious problems in the purchasing process and led to a lot of double work on several ends. Researchers were frustrated and we could not helpthem with the systems in place. We are very satisfied with the solution provided by ZAGENO. All objectives were met to the fullest and the implementation team was very professional.
Testimonial author

Michael Norden

Head of Procurement

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