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Catalog IDJTT-193C1-0.5WHSupplier Catalog IDJTT-193C1-0.5WH
Size500 LabelsPrice N/A
Supplier N/A Package Content Deep-freeze barcode labels 1" x 2.875" / 25.4mm x 73mm
Type of StationeryLabelsColorWhite
Free Sample / TrialFree Sample Available


NitroTAG™; RECTANGLE LABELS FOR BARCODE AND THERMAL-TRANSFER PRINTERS Deep-freeze thermal-transfer labels for identification of vials, tubes, freezer boxes, plastic bags and other containers. Designed for long-term biopreservation in laboratory deep-freeze and harsh environments. Labels can be printed with all major brands of thermal-transfer printers. For most durable printing is recommended to use alcohol-proof resin ribbons. Core: 1" (25.4mm); Perforation: yes Adhesive: max strength extra permanent Labels/roll: 500 Color: white 1" x 2.875" / 25.4mm x 73mm     Custom printing services such as full color logo, graphic images, barcodes and data for clinical trials are available. Please contact our customer support team at 1-450-973-9420 (other countries) / 1-800-518-0364 (toll free Canada-USA).

For research use only.