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Catalog IDCT99S03-0503WTSupplier Catalog IDCT99S03-0503WT
Size1 UnitPrice N/A
Supplier N/A Package Content Each
Dimensions (L x W x H)3.0×50 mmParticle Size3 µm
Column FormatAnalytical


The Carotenoid C30 stationary phase provides sufficient phase thickness to enhance interaction with long chain molecules therefore, geometric and positional isomers of conjugated double-bonding systems are recognized and resolved. These columns is much more hydrophobic and lipophilic Even when pure organic eluents are applied, many sample solutes are retained Applicable for LC-MS Carotenoids are found in a variety of natural sources including fruits and vegetables. In addition, carotenoids are considered as potential drugs for cancer intervention and/or prevention. Despite the complexity of carotenoid extracts and the minor shape differences between carotenoid isomers, the separation, identification, and quantitation of these compounds can be achieved using these columns.

For research use only.