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Streamline Your Ordering Process with ZAGENO

We change the way your researchers order their lab materials! Ordering Biotechnological substances is now as easy as ordering anything else. Since its launch in 2016, ZAGENO outperformed its competitors as a Life Science Marketplace in all disciplines, transforming and digitizing Biotechnology e-commerce. Today, ordering life science research materials is often a complicated process. Excessive approval steps create unnecessary manual work, reducing researchers’ productivity and complicating procurements’ operations.

ZAGENO’s integration solution focuses on the specific needs of procurement departments.
We succeed at streamlining processes, making purchasing more comfortable every step of the way.

Secure Your Approval Flow!

ZAGENO helps you keep manual efforts to a minimum by encouraging research scientists and lab managers to order via our Marketplace. Order all brands in one place and streamline ordering processes with ZAGENO.

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World-Leading Research Facilities Rely on ZAGENO's Superior Solution

  • Explicit insights and expert knowledge in the Biotechnology sector
  • Innovative procurement with full transparency
  • Easy-to-follow approval process, for stronger procurement-scientist relationships
  • Limited effort expenditure on your side
  • Extensive and growing portfolios
  • Flexible invoicing integration for a happier Accounts Payable Department

Some of Our Customers

“The situation was difficult. The amount of wrong data caused serious problems in the purchasing process and led to a lot of double work on several ends. Researchers were frustrated and we could not help them with the systems in place. We are very satisfied with the solution provided by ZAGENO. All objectives were met to the fullest and the implementation team was very professional.”

Michael Norden,
Head of Procurement,
Babraham Institute, UK

“At our Research Institute, we are demanding when it comes to our ordering systems. We do not choose lightly! Our labs are very diverse in their product and brand choices, and everything needs to be easy to use. Only with ZAGENO, can we integrate hundreds of brands and millions of products in a single solution. ZAGENO’s organizational and approval features are a great alternative to other costly purchasing software as well. Working with ZAGENO has proven to be extremely professional and a massive time saver.”

Lab Operations Manager, US

100% Compatible with Your Systems and Setup

Procurement & Accout Payable seperated
Procurement & Account Payable compatible

A Sustainable Solution for Purchasing = Umeans Usability for Scientists

Are you using Jaggaer (SciQuest), SAP or Oracle-based solutions? Have you implemented Ariba or any other procure-to-pay solution? No problem! ZAGENO is the most flexible platform to integrate with your systems and processes. Implement the standalone ZAGENO system and utilize its approval features to leapfrog your peers. Alternatively, use ZAGENO to streamline your long tail into the best Punch-Out your platform has seen so far!

Are you in the process of selecting or implementing a new system? Now is the best time to contact us! Our experienced purchasing and IT consultants are happy to support you in making the right decision.

Life Science researchers all over the globe trust ZAGENO when searching for lab materials and Biotechnology products, either for experiments or to re-order products they used before.

Regardless of research field, we feature products from your scientists’ favorite suppliers - at your negotiated prices.

ZAGENO holds the most significant portfolio in the Biotechnology market. Combined with features like our patent-pending scientific score and innovative product comparison, we make it easier than ever for researchers to choose the right products for their experiments.

Allow ZAGENO's integrations team to set up a simple purchasing process - deploying a solution that will help you win over lab scientists, management, and accounts payable while keeping complex funding structures and different approval layers in mind.

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How Does an Integration Work?

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A Solution to Help You Perform

We design our organizational features and flexible approval flow according to the specific needs of Research Institutes’ Purchasing Departments. These features may be configured in detail to match both your needs, as well as your organization’s needs:

  • Define requester and approval roles for an ideal fit with your internal processes
  • Enable individual labs to create carts and submit all requests at once for approval
  • Integrate ZAGENO with your purchasing solution and internal processes

By implementing ZAGENO, scientists gain a gratifying tool to choose and order products. Institutes connecting to ZAGENO subsequently experience a significant adoption rate within the first days after implementation.

With the reduction of maverick buying and a set of flexible analysis tools, procurement finally acquires maximum transparency of spend and actionable information to use when negotiating prices with suppliers.

We Support You With

  • Training Material for Lab Managers
  • Webinars
  • In-Person Training
  • How-To Guides

Procurement Analytics Suite on ZAGENO

What are you waiting for? Contact us to set up a non-binding meeting with our experts. Find out how you, your team and your scientists can profit from using ZAGENO!

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